We are very happy to announce the following special events that will be part of the C5 program.

ICT OVERVIEW (Thursday, Jan 18, 2:00pm)

Dr. Randall Hill, executive director of the USC Institute for Creative Technologies, will initiate this session with an overview of the research being conducted ICT. After Dr. Hill's 30 minute presentation, attendees will break into two groups and then participate in demos of the following ICT technologies:

Collaborative work with the Boston Museum of Science:

  • Virtual human museum guides: Ada & Grace (main building)
  • Coach Mike (main building)

And other basic and applied research at the ICT:

  • ICT Graphics Lab: Light Stage X (main building)
  • Gunslinger: Virtual Human integration demonstration (McConnell)
  • ICT Mixed Reality (McConnell)

LIGHTNING SESSION (Friday, Jan 19, 9:30am)

Bring your thinking caps... Dr. Ian Piumarta will lead this very unique session that allows everyone to contribute. At C5, you will find a sign-up sheet to be a speaker during the Lightning Session. You can talk about whatever you want and use slides or not (or a short video, images, etc.). The only rule is to keep it brief and to make some noise.

PANEL (Friday, Jan 19, 11:15)

On the final day of C5, our two keynote speakers will join two more esteemed panelists to talk about the future of Creating, Connecting, and Collaborating via Computing. Each panelist has been asked to reflect on the conference and select either Create, Connect, or Collaborate and define it as they understand the term. Each panelist will then take articulate a prominent research challenge in that area that is currently (in their opinion) not being sufficiently addressed by computer science (or other technology) researchers. They will discuss what has been done in the area and end with a statement about the future - What will C5 be like in 10 years? What steps need to be taken in the next 10 years? What research directions hold the most promise to solve the identified problem(s)?